Announcing: Clarify for iOS

Personal achievement tracker and career manager for iOS.

We're excited to announce the launch of Clarify for iOS. With Clarify, professionals can track the value they create and make conversations around their career or with their manager easier and palatable with time-bound results they've already proven they can deliver.

Clarify makes it easy for professionals to focus on highlighting value driven accomplishments without the buzzwords, by focusing on quantifiable and time-bound record keeping.

In Clarify you can add three types of achievements: Personal, Work/Project Contribution, or Growth/Skills Development. For simplicity sakes we've narrowed this list based on what matters most to employers.

Clarify for iOS

We're partnering with companies who want to change the way hiring gets done. We'll have more to share at a later date.

We're very excited to share Clarify for iOS with you and hope we can help better prepare you for your 1:1s, performance reviews, and job search. Clarify for iOS is currently available for download in the U.S. and Canada App Stores.

Here's what you can do today when you download Clarify for iOS:

Track your achievements
  • Add your personal achievements, great to keep you focused and motivated
  • Keep measurable and time-bound results
  • Showcase your professional growth and skills development

Beat your performance review
  • Use your achievements to help you beat your performance review or future job search
  • Showcase why you're a valuable asset and make career defining conversations easy

Apply to jobs, no resume required
  • Stop worrying about the perfect resume, just use your achievements and profile to apply to jobs
  • Keep track of your favorite jobs and those you've applied for
  • Receive alerts whenever your favorite companies post a new job

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