Simple, yet mighty Candidate CRM

No bells, no whistles, just what matters. Manage through candidates in a breeze with our lightweight — yet powerful — Candidate CRM.

Know the status of every opening, fast

Metrics at-a-glance

Get a status update on every role with just a scroll. You can also see what each role looks like on the web and on your careers page. Edit, create, or close a role with one click.

Results front and center

Get a quick view on the achievements applied with, regardless of applicant. Eliminate bias in the sourcing process by focusing on results.

Keep track of candidates

Track, annotate, interview

Keep track of where every applicant is in the hiring process. Add comments, send emails. We've got you started with the basics.

We're working on even more ways to make the hiring process a pleasantly driven experience.

Compare and decide

Compare achievements across candidates and decide. Use these to hit the ground running at the next interview and be prepared to have constructive conversations around how results were delivered.

Learn the process behind how it – not what – was achieved.

No bells, no whistles, just what matters.


View all of your open jobs, create a new job, or manage candidates by job.


Every candidate in one location. Create a new candidate or see the latest candidates.


Create hiring goals, set and manage your budget. Stay on time and on budget.


Assess pending roles to be filled, track your budget spend, and improve your time to hire.


Stay focused, set milestones

Set hiring goals

Create goals, set hiring budgets, and stay focused on improving the hiring process. Close the loop on the candidate experience with candidate feedback ratings.

Build on diversity

Hiring is an indicator of future trends. Ensure diversity is well represented in your candidate pool. Set company-level diversity targets and more.

Better understand your hiring process, avoid biases, and incorporate diversity and inclusion hiring goals.

If you can measure it, manage it

Know where you stand

We've made sure to include all of the relevant KPIs so that you know exactly where you and your team stands.

We're working on even adding every more relevant ways for you to measure your hiring practices.

Simple dashboard

Our analytics dashboard is dead simple, yet powerful. See at a glance your Placement Rate, Time to Hire, Hiring Budget, Offer Acceptance Rate, and more.

Everything you need to make better decisions.
Inside Hire

We have even more on the way.

We're always looking for ways to make Clarify even better, while making it easy to find and hire the right talent based on results.

Third-Party Job Boards

Easily post your careers across the web on Indeed, CareerBuilder, We Work Remotely, and many more.

Apply with LinkedIn

Make it easier for candidates to apply using LinkedIn for all of their professional details, while keeping the focus on results.

Candidate Comparison

Compare skills and achievements across candidates side-by-side, and make better hiring decisions.

Candidate Ratings

Save ratings, feedback, and comments from candidate interviews or overall on a particular candidate's profile.

Expanded Goals

Create hiring goals, set and manage your budget. Stay on budget, hire priceless talent.

Expanded Analytics

Powerful analytics to assess pending roles to be filled, track your budget spend, and close your time to hire.


We're building better ways to integrate with Zapier, Google Apps, Outlook, and your favorite HRIS software.

Customizable Career Pages

Add more flair to your career page with our all new design, intended to provide even more ways to customize the look and feel of your career page.

Have a feature request?

Have feedback or a feature request? We love to hear how you'd make Clarify even better. We're always looking for feedback.

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Leave the résumé parser behind and focus on what matters most — growing your business and taking care of your people.


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