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We're improving the way hiring get's done.

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We’re young but determined on improving the way hiring gets done
We're 100% self-funded which means we can do things a little more your way
Our Story

It's about better hiring.

We've been on both sides of the hiring process, we know how difficult it is and we want to change that. Born out of frustration with both the hiring process and candidate experience, Clarify is all about measurable quality.

Clarify is designed to empower hiring teams with actionable data to be better informed throughout the hiring process, with the ultimate goal of improving hiring decisions. No résumé required, just results.

For candidates we're focused on providing a better candidate experience and building the tools necessary for a better career, like creating the first career manager of its kind, Clarify Achieve, which let's professionals track their achievements and make career defining conversations easy.

We're making it easy to find and hire talent based on actionable data and results.
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