Hiring Done Right

Hire the right talent based on results.

With Clarify companies hire based on results, not a résumé.
No buzzwords, just data driven results.
iOS app for professionals.
Track your achievements, manage your career.
Job applications leveraging time-bound and measurable prompts, not a résumé.
Candidate CRM and Hiring Platform, cutting through the buzzwords.

Results that speak for themselves

Achievement tracking

For professionals, track the value you create with the Clarify App on iOS.

Make coversations with your manager around your career easier and palatable with time-bound results and skills you possess.

Achieve, apply, get hired

Use your achievements and apply to jobs directly with Clarify. Companies gain access to your achievements and the results you've already proven to deliver.

No buzzwords.
Results-based applications

Measurable & time-bound prompts

Each application begins with a set of time-bound and measurable prompts, ensuring applicants demonstrate efficacy in the role being applied for.

Résumés optional

Make resumes optional as part of your application process. Great as a directional assessment. Not so great to measure the totality of the applicant.

Mighty but powerful CRM

Results based sourcing

Source based on candidate achievements, not objectives or a professional summary, much less résumé keywords.

Standard format

Easily evaluate candidates with one standard format. Compare achievements between candidates, making for a better interview and selection process.

The world's leading talent launches and manages its career with us.

Inside Clarify

Everything you need to find and hire great talent.

It's a better way to finding and hiring the right talent based on proven results and skills.

Results-based Applications

Each application begins with a set of time-bound and measurable prompts, ensuring applicants demonstrate efficacy in the role being applied for.

Candidate CRM

No bells, no whistles, just the details at hand. Manage through candidates in a breeze with our mighty but powerful Candidate CRM.

Career Pages

Showcase your careers in your own customizable careers page. Have a pressing role you need to fill? It'll be front and center at the very top of your careers page.


We integrate with Zapier, Google Apps, Outlook, and your HRIS software, allowing you to create more efficient workflows.


Create hiring goals, set and manage your budget. Stay on budget while hiring priceless talent.


Assess pending roles to be filled, track your budget spend, and close your time to hire.

Candidate Comparison

Compare skills and achievements across candidates side-by-side, and make better hiring decisions.

Candidate Ratings

Save ratings, feedback, and comments from candidate interviews or overall on a particular candidate's profile.

Third-Party Job Boards

Easily post your careers across the web on Indeed, CareerBuilder, We Work Remotely, and many more.

Get hiring with us.

Learn how to get the most out of Clarify and discover best practices on sourcing, hiring, and the candidate experience.